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LX Pump, LX Pumps, LX WUA400-II Pump WUA200-II WUA300-II Pump

LX Pump, LX Pumps, LX WUA400-II Pump WUA200-II WUA300-II
LX Pool and SPA pump 2 Speed (Two Speed/Dual Speed/Variable Speed), SPA Pool Pump: (LX SPA Pump: Top Quality SPA Pool Pump In China)
LX WUA400-II/WUA300-II/WUA200-II Pool and SPA Pump

LX SPA Pump Two Speed, SPA Pool Pump: WUA series SPA Pool pump is 2 speed SPA pool pump designed for SPA pool usage in North American that can achieve to high-speed for massage and low speed for filter and cycle functions; 2" inlet and outlet for high-performance and low-noise perfected for SPA system and swimming pool; Pump housing could be 90 flexible installation for easy pipe work. Liquids part is made of high reinforce engineering plastic; Applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. WUA series is recognized and accepted products by SPA manufacturers.

Motor: Fan cooling motor and 56 frame are suitable for North American. High and low dual-speed motor is allowed to select. The design of motor winding is advanced. The exchange between high-speed and low- speed is sensitive that attained the advanced level in home pump industry; The material of frame is A3 armor plate; Dual-speed motor is under low-noise and less-vibration and durability that is specialized for SPA and swimming pool pump. Insulation class F, protection IPX5, continuous duty; Single-phase with thermal protector from T1 to ensure safety and convenience in operation.

1. CCC Safety certificate
2. ETL/cETL in American/Safety certificate in Canada

1. It's suitable for hydro massage tube or SPA system and circulation or filter of swimming pool system.
2. It's suitable for circulating water equipment that use for workshop's cooling-down. (Single-speed)

SPA pool: WUA200/ WUA250/ WUA300

Selection Notice:
1. The number of nozzle installed. ( suffix I is for single-speed motor and II for dual-speed motor. )
2. Applied region's voltage and frequency (220-240V/60Hz)
3. Applied region's request for safety certificate.
4. Request for fitting size(60.5mm, 63mm, 75 mm is available)
5. The length of supply cord and type of plug. (No plug, AMP is available).

LX Pool and SPA pump 2 speed (WUA200-I/WUA300-I/WUA400-I/WUA200-II/WUA300-II/WUA400-II):
WUA200-I: (2.0HP/220V/60Hz),
WUA300-I: (3.0HP/220V/60Hz),
WUA400-I: (4.0HP/220V/60Hz),

WUA200-II: (2 Speed, 2.0HP/220V/60Hz),
WUA300-II: (2 Speed, 3.0HP/220V/60Hz),
WUA400-II: (2 Speed, 4.0HP/220V/60Hz).


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